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This program generated many more questions than our panel could answer in the given time, so Agenda compiled audience inquiries to give our experts a chance to see what concerns were brought up. Stay tuned for a possible Hunger Part 2 in future seasons!

  1. Does ALIVE! receive/contribute to the Capital Area Food Bank? Are there other cooperative relationships?
  2. Of the 13,500 Alexandria households below the poverty level, how many are seniors?
  3. How does ALIVE! get your 150 volunteers? Do you have a large turnover or are they the same?
  4. Any group working with Blessings in a Backpack for students on weekends?
  5. Does ALIVE! ever offer baby formula for distribution?
  6. Are all of the local food programs open to single homeless individuals?
  7. What is the research about how many women, children up to five years old are using WIC and is there an incentive for stores to give WIC benefits in Alexandria? If so, what incentives?
  8. What’s missing in Alexandria regarding ending hunger in the city?
  9. Shouldn’t Alexandria focus on the underlying causes of hunger—i.e. poverty, homelessness, job training, and affordable housing?
  10. How big a dent are these various programs making in the total need in Alexandria?
  11. How do we keep the focus on hunger after the holiday season? What other “pushes” are there in other times of the year?
  12. How do you respond to those who say people who need this support are lazy? Why do they need help?
  13. Do any of the coalitions have an “advocacy arm”? It’s critical to ask “why” hundreds/thousands in Alexandria are hungry/food insecure.
  14. What are the long term systemic and/or legislative changes that need to happen?