Who controls your neighborhood’s future?

Agenda Alexandria plans to finish off the 2021-2022 program season by taking a look at how our neighborhood’s development evolution. Even before the pandemic, our communities were already quickly changing. While these changes happen, our city continues to be shaped based on a Master Plan which designates zoning codes throughout our neighborhoods.

However, recent developments such as the mixed-use shopping/residental development on Mount Vernon Avenue, have raised the question about how the Master Plan aligns itself to the needs of the community. Commercial versus residential zoning – from being able to operate a business, to the dynamics in high and low residential density areas – all come into play.

Who controls your neighborhood’s future? How does the city adapt to the needs of the community? How do these modifications evolve over time and how do developers adapt to these realities? How often should we be modifying our master plan? Please join us as we take a look at the evolution of our city through the eyes of different stakeholders as competing priorities shape our city.


  • Karl Moritz – Planning Director, City of Alexandria
  • Carter Dudley Flemming – Co-chair of the Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations
  • Kerry Donley – Board Member AlexRenew and former Mayor (1996-2003)
  • Austin Flajser – President & CEO of The Carr Companies



  • Rod Kuckro – Agenda Alexandria Vice-Chair


Welcome to Agenda: Alexandria, Alexandria’s premier organization exploring the issues that our City and our community face.  Join us for our monthly programs to better understand the issues. – Ricardo Alfaro, Chair

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