Agenda Alexandria to consider the changing nature of the city’s streets and sidewalks. Alexandria adopted a Complete Streets policy back in 2011, and ever since that time, pedestrians and drivers have seen many changes. From the creation of […]
May 20, 2019 You’ve seen these things all over Alexandria. In the past few weeks, it seems like scooters are everywhere. City Council approved a nine-month pilot program late last year, but the spring weather is now creating […]


April 23, 2018 Do you feel strongly about traffic, bicycle and pedestrian issues?  This is the program for you!  In response to audience recommendations for a program on bicycles, traffic, speed limits and pedestrian safety, Agenda:Alexandria invited panelists who […]
September 26, 2016 Will the MGM casino be good for Alexandria? What are the odds? Gambling on the Future:  What will Maryland’s Casino Mean for Alexandria? The new MGM casino is set to open in just a few weeks, attracting […]
NSF HQ with Metro passing by in Alexandria
April 24, 2017 Photo courtesy: National Science Foundation The National Science Foundation (NSF) is coming to town.  What does the NSF need and desire from the City for it to succeed?  What tax breaks were given to attract […]