May 22, 2017

Guns: Taking a Look at the Issues Without Taking Sides

Join Agenda:Alexandria for a civil debate on a controversial topic.

You’ll hear all sides of the gun issue discussed in a structured way with passion and insight by the T.C. Williams Varsity debate team: Victoria Peace and Jay Falk.

  • What did the framers intend in the Bill of Rights?
  • Is there any limitation on weapons types possible or necessary?
  • Should the right be limited for persons with mental health issues or other issues?

Debate introduced by:

Laurel Taylor, Head Coach, TC Williams High School

The T.C. Williams Debate Team believes in the educational, civic, and societal benefits of competitive debate. The society believes that interscholastic debate can develop advocacy skills, confidence, creativity, and research skills, which are applicable across a wide variety of academic, work, and personal situations.

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